« Canadians have the largest carbon footprint per capita in the entire world. » We are also the biggest per-capita water users in the world.

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Little re-cap: When PM Stephen Harper took office, 80% of climate change funding in Canada was retracted. Little of that has been replaced or redistributed. Since then, the summary of the last two years has been, « Until the U.S. does something, why should we? »  Recommended motivation: Canadians have the largest carbon footprint per-capita in the entire world.

This week was a big one for Canadians – President Barack Obama made his first foreign visit, a quick jump across the border to Canada. Canada is traditionally the first country that the American President visits, a tradition altered by President Bush who went south to Mexico.

Obama’s tight itinerary included meetings with Canadian Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Finance Minister and Environment Minister. A quick press conference and a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition and that’s a wrap. 

I’m most interested in the lunch conversation with our Environment Minister, Jim…

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