Canada’s First Nations – A List of Resources for Interested Settlers

As agreed at the LUUC Social Action Committee meeting of Aug. 10. 2014, here is a list of books (and other resources, see below) one can read to learn more about the history of Turtle Island (what we settlers call North America), its original inhabitants, the successive waves of European settlement, etc.

I have not read all of these books, but a lot of them are considered classics and have been highly recommended.

I will add stuff to this list when I have time (the dates will be indicated). There are modificationsI put them in red.

Internet Audio-Visual Presentation (with PDF transcripts of the audio) – multilingual/multilingue


In English

  • First Peoples in Canada, by Alan D. McMillan and Eldon Yellowhorn ©2004 Douglas &Mcintyre ISBN 13: 978-1-55365-053-9
  • The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America, by Thomas King© Aug. 13 2013 Anchor Canada ISBN-13: 978-0385664226
  • Stolen From Our Embrace, by Suzanne Fournier © June 1, 1998 Douglas & Mcintyre ISBN-13: 978-1550546613
  • A National Crime: The Canadian Government and the Residential School System, 1879 to 1986, by John S. Milloy © May 17, 1999 University of Manitoba Press ISBN-13: 978-0887556463
  • Kill the Indian, Save the Man: The Genocidal Impact of American Indian Residential Schools, by Ward Churchill © Nov. 1 2004 City Lights Publishers ISBN-13: 978-0872864344
  • The Winona LaDuke Reader – A Collection of Essential Writings © Oct. 15 2002 Theytus Books ISBN-13: 978-1894778077
  • Struggle for the Land: Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and Colonization, by Ward Churchill (Author), Winona LaDuke (Introduction) © Sept. 1 2002 City Lights Publishers ISBN-13: 978-0872864146
  • Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto by Taiaiake Alfred © Aug. 22, 2008 Oxford University Press; ISBN-13: 978-0195430516
  • Broken Circle: The dark legacy of Indian Residential Schools, by Theodore Fontaine © Sept. 1, 2010 Heritage House Publishing Co. Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-1926613666
  • First Peoples in a New World: Colonizing Ice Age America, by David J. Meltzer © Nov. 30, 2010 University of California Press ISBN-13: 978-0520267992

You can check here if a specific library has a book you want

En français

  • Histoire générale du Canada, sous la direction de Craig Brown, édition française dirigée par Paul-André Linteau © 15 août 1990 Boréal ISBN-13: 978-2890523432 (pas vu d’édition plus récente)
  • Histoire du Québec contemporain (en deux tomes), Paul-André Linteau, René Durocher, Jean-Claude Robert, François Ricard; nouv. éd. refondue et mise à jour © 1erseptembre 1989 Boréal; tome 1 : ISBN-13: 978-2890522978; tome 2 : ISBN-13: 978-2890522985
  • Premières nations du Canada (Les), par Olive Patricia Dickason, © 19 février 1996 Septentrion ISBN-13: 978-2894480526


There are so many (39) excellent NFB films on First Nations  that it is difficult to choose. Many can be downloaded directly on one’s computer. I will recommend 3 in particular: Attawapiskat; We Were Children; The Invisible Nation

There is also this one you can watch for free on Vimeo: The Abenaki: People of the Dawn (no password required)
The dramatic story of Joe Obomsawin and the Abenaki First Nation. (added September 13, 2014).

Television Series


Chelsea Vowel

Dr. Lynn Gehl and Black Face Blogging

Dr. Pam Palmater


Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)

Government Websites

Other Websites

Idle No More
I am settler, I live in a colony (Míle Gaiscíoch)



Scholars (besides those already named)


Norval Morisseau

Aaron Paquette

There are many others!


Cape Breton University

Concordia University

First Nations University

Institut d’études internationales de Montréal (UQAM)


St. Thomas University

Trent University

Université de Montréal

Université Laval

Online Free Courses

Coursera, Aboriginal Worldviews and Education, OISE, University of Toronto, course given by Dr. Jean-Paul-Restoule, Ph.D., (Anishinaabe), 2013 I have taken this class, I have copies of the video lectures and materials, I could make copies for people who are interested (on a DVD).


More books

  • Dancing On Our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence, by Leanne Simpson © April 15 2011 Arbeiter Ring Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1894037501
  • Mohawk Interruptus: Political Life Across the Borders of Settler States, by Audra Simpson © May 9 2014 Duke University Press ISBN-13: 978-0822356554
  • An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began, by Arthur J. Ray © Aug. 18 2011 McGill-Queen’s University Press; 3rd Revised edition edition ISBN-13: 978-0773539709

The Doctrine of Discovery

I would like to thank Susan Czarnocki for mentioning one very important point if one wants to understand the whole issue of First Nations (and colonialism, if I may add), that is, the Doctrine of Discovery. (Added September 5, 2014).

What is it? Basically, "[p]apal Bulls of the 15th century gave Christian explorers the right to claim lands they ‘discovered’ and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. Any land that was not inhabited by Christians was available to be "discovered", claimed, and exploited. If the "pagan" inhabitants could be converted, they might be spared. If not, they could be enslaved or killed".

Ms. Czarnocki also suggested this:

Discovering Indigenous Lands: The Doctrine of Discovery in the English Colonies

Robert J. Miller, Jacinta Ruru, Larissa Behrendt, and Tracey Lindberg

Print publication date: 2010

"Contemporary Canadian Resonance of an Imperial Doctrine"

Chapter: 5    Contemporary Canadian Resonance of an Imperial Doctrine    (p.126)

Source: Discovering Indigenous Lands

Author(s):Robert J Miller Jacinta Ruru Larissa Behrendt Tracey Lindberg

Publisher:Oxford University Press      [Miller, Ruru, Behrendt and Lindberg 2010 p.129]


Here is the material I found on the Doctrine of Discovery (I may add later): the has some, but the Committee finds the workshops are not exactly adapted to the Canadian viewpoint. For the sake of completeness, they are here.

Free Gaza, Free the NDP

Free Gaza, Free the NDP.


Dear friends,

We write to inform you that there is currently an occupation under way in solidarity with Gaza at NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar’s constituency office in Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory. Please read about what you can do below – we need your urgent solidarity now.

We believe silence is complicity. It is time we help free the NDP from its deafening silence on the massacre taking place in Gaza.

Thousands of Palestinians are being murdered while Canada’s politicians remain silent about massive and escalating human rights violations being committed by Israel. Schools, hospitals, UN shelters, playgrounds. Anything and everything is a target.

The NDP must speak out against Israel’s war crimes. The silence of the main federal parties, including the NDP, offers a cloak of impunity to Israel, shielding it from accountability for its criminal actions.

Unless and until our political parties take meaningful action to oppose Israel’s massacre of Palestinian civilians, there will and there must be a heavy political price.

We support universal human rights. We oppose war crimes. We vote.

But more than that, we will not sit idly by while the NDP and other parties take our votes for granted because they think that politically we have nowhere else to go. The people that Israel is massacring in Gaza really do have nowhere else to go and they are counting on the world to intervene.

Join us.


  1. We ask you to join us for a solidarity gathering outside Paul Dewar’s constituency office at 12pm today, Thursday July 31 at 1306 Wellington Street (Midway between Holland and Island Park).


  1. Join the pan-Canadian virtual occupation. Contact Paul Dewar’s office by email (, phone (613-946-8682), AND fax (613-946-8680).

  2. Share our social media updates and add your own comments. On twitter, use the hashtag #Voters4Gaza and follow @Voters4Gaza. Tweet directly to @PaulDewar, @ThomasMulcair, and @NDP_HQ. On Facebook, like the Voters4Gaza page.

  3. Contact your Member of Parliament (Pay a visit to your local NDP MP’s office if you can):


  • Dear @NDP_HQ: be a genuinely progressive voice. Support Palestinian human rights. Oppose war crimes. #NDP #Voters4Gaza #cdnpoli

  • Israel is committing war crimes. Until the #NDP speaks up against this it is supporting impunity. #Voters4Gaza #cdnpoli

  • .@PaulDewar: Israel is occupying power & refuses to abide by international law. #NDP must demand accountability. #Voters4Gaza #cdnpoli

  • This war isn’t about Hamas, religion, or rockets. It’s about land, racism, & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. #NDP #Voters4Gaza #cdnpoli

  • “In the end, we remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” #NDP #Voters4Gaza #cdnpoli

In solidarity,

Voters for Gaza


I no longer care, because Elizabeth May has been caught lying so many times, I don’t trust her anymore.

I am talking about this Zionist "gem from the president of the Party : Why Gaza makes me sad.

Her attitude is anything but clear on Palestine.

And she lied about it.

Her discourse is the classical pro-Israel boilerplate. According to which a false equivalency is made between what Hamas* has done and what the Zionist government** has done.

B’nai Brith Canada speaks of her in glowing terms

She said that "Prime Minister’s Office Full Of ‘Ruthless, Cutthroat Psychopaths‘". BUT SHE SUPPORTS THE SAME POLICIES!!

Maybe you should get your nose out of your Bible studies a bit?

We are going to start a new party, sweetie. AND BEAT YOU FLAT OUT.


Don’t legalize child marriage in Iraq!



Target:  Prime Minister of Iraq Dr. Nouri al-Maliki

Do not limit women’s rights and legalize child marriage

The Iraqi government must immediately withdraw the Personal Status Law from consideration. The nickname of the Personal Status Law is the Jaafari Law, as it is based on the teachings of the Jaafari school of Shia religious jurisprudence. This draft law is aimed at limiting women’s rights to inheritance, divorce, and would allow men to take multiple wives and for young girls to be married starting at the age of nine. Allowing this law to take effect should bring international condemnation and sanctions.

The Jaafari law is designed to cover the Shia citizens and residents of Iraq, a large majority of the 36 million people in Iraq. The law, in addition to legalizing child marriage, prohibits men from marrying outside their religion, legalizes marital rape, and prevents women from leaving the house without the permission of her husband. The Jaafari law also grants custody of children to the father automatically in cases of divorce. This law will undoubtedly lead to more laws aimed at discriminating against specific groups.

Citizens in Iraq who stand opposed to the bill will have to hope that the law is struck down before it passes through both levels of parliament and is signed into law. Unfortunately, lawmakers do not seem interested in vetoing the bill. Sign this petition and demand that the government in Iraq follow its international commitments and stand up for the human rights of all its citizens.


Dear President Jalal Talabani,

The recent submission of the Personal Status Law, also known as the Jaafari Law, is an affront against the human rights of women and girls in your country. By allowing for this bill to pass, your government will be supporting marital rape and the marriage of girls as young as nine. This goes against many international human rights treaties to which your government is a party.

By allowing the Jaafari Law to pass, the international community will understand your approach to human rights. And they will have no action but to take drastic measures against your country in the form of sanctions. I ask that you do all that you can to prevent this, so that your people and country may continue to prosper.


Link to petition

Here is the list of all Iraqi embassies

Les sparages de Mossieu de Jean-François, vicomte de Lisier


Les Bérêts bleus ou bluenecks. Qui pompent le kool-aid bleu à grands lampée.

Et Péladsconi. Qui a assisté au Conseil des ministres alors qu’il possède des médias. Qui peut favoriser la publication de nouvelles qui aident le PQ (l’accident du métro Fabre a été présenté de manière à encourager l’islamophobie; le journaliste a insisté que c’était un hidjab alors que la police le niait). Qui pourrait s’il le voulait espionner les communications électroniques des opposants (la légalisation de l’espionnage électronique des citoyens ou des mesures qui le facilitent ont été proposées à 4 reprises par les conservateurs; ils remettent ça d’ailleurs*). Qui est propriétaire de médias férocement anti-Québec (quoi de mieux pour faire mousser le séparatisme? ou un cas grave d’auri sacra fames?) Qui a passé trois heures seul à seul avec Harper au sujet de Sun News.

Les progressistes ont quitté le PQ. Pire, le PQ applique, mutatis mutandis, les mêmes politiques que les conservateurs.

J’avais écrit ceci sur le blogue de Chantal Hébert (et je n’ai pas changé d’idée) :
Quand on regarde ça froidement et objectivement, les politiques de Mme Marois ressemblent à s’y méprendre à celles de Harper.

Même couleur : le bleu nationaliste chauvin et xénophobe.
L’austérité pour des raisons purement idéologiques (le FMI a dit que c’était une erreur mais ils le font quand même)
Le repli sur soi et le désir de retourner dans un passé qui n’a jamais existé (le Québec monolithiquement catholique, c’est une invention de Duplessis, je pourrais citer une vingtaine d’exemples)
Attachement à la religion chrétienne de pure façade
Augmentation des frais modérateurs
Politiques hostiles aux gagne-petit (les bénéficiaires d’aide sociale, les parents qui font garder des enfants… à Ottawa la liste est très longue)
Corruption et scandales à la pelle
Servilité devant l’industrie pétrolière
Aucun respect pour l’environnement
Faire des promesses et faire le contraire une fois élu(e)
Utiliser les élections et prorogations pour fuir les commissions d’enquête
Les portes tournantes entre le monde du lobbyisme et celui de la politique…
Des adversaires pas de taille pour diverses raisons, ce qui leur permet de faire ce qu’ils veulent

* On ne se contera pas de peurs. Les gouvernements ont peur des citoyens, de ce que ceux-ci pourraient apprendre (l’ampleur des répercussions des changements climatiques, la corruption. les magouilles pétrolières.. de toute façon, les trois problèmes n’en forment qu’un) et de ce que ceux-ci pourraient faire. Ils ont peur de la facilité d’organisation que confère els médias sociaux. Pourquoi les corps de police québécois se dotent-ils de tanks? De balles de plastique?

La loi anti-masques et le règlement P6 ont UN but: permettre aux services de sécurité de faire de la reconnaissance faciale, de monter des dossiers et d’échanger de l’information avec d’autres gouvernements. Essayez de passer la frontière après ça. Et attendez-vous à vous des militants se faire arrêter pour possession de pornographie juvénile (plantée). Snowden a révélé des documents qui montrent que c’est dans les projets. Le rapport Flanagan décrit les activistes écologistes comme des terroristes.

Des jeunes de McGill se sont fait arrêter dans un autobus en route pour Victoriaville. Pourquoi? Ils avait été présents aux manifs du G20. Un d’entre eux était en bris de condition. Comment ont-ils fait pour savoir qu’ils étaient là? Je suppose qu’on les avait pistés avec son cellulaire. Ceux qui ont été arrêtés PRÉVENTIVEMENT n’avaient rien fait de mal.

Je n’invente rien. Je peux backer tout ce que j’ai écrit, qui est de l’info publique mais dispersée.

Les droits de la personne au Canada, de plus en plus c’est quelque chose qu’on a quand on ne s’en sert pas.

Originally posted on la page à papi:

banniere_jflisee 2

[Mise à jour: J'ai publié le 13 mars, sur le blogue de Jean-François Lisée, une intervention que le maître de céans a accepté de publier, avant de céder à son atavisme sectaire et de la retirer quelques heures  plus tard... comme s'il avait voulu démontrer par là l'étendue de son ouverture à la dissidence: Venez à nous, souverainistes de la diaspora Solidaire. Mais fermez-vous la gueule bin tight! 

Le texte en est publié plus loin.]

Je suivais assidûment le blogue de Jean-François Lisée dans les pages de L’Actualité. J’ai décroché depuis qu’il a perdu toute trace d’objectivité… le jour où il est devenu Ministre.

Oh, bien sûr, un fin observateur ne cesse pas de l’être du seul fait qu’il est élu à l’Assemblée Nationale, mais la partisanerie prend maintenant nettement le dessus.

Sous le titre "La triste chute de Françoise David", l’homme publiait le 11 mars…

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Rosemarie Séguin-Lamarche

Originally posted on LES FÉMINISTES:


Pourquoi êtes-vous féministe?

"Je suis féministe, chez nous c’est héréditaire: je tiens ça de ma mère, qui le tenait de la sienne. Avec un peu de chance, ma fille n’en aura pas besoin. Je travaille fort pour qu’elle raconte à sa fille à quel point le féminisme a été nécessaire mais que, bien heureusement, l’égalité, le respect, la dignité et l’amour vont de soi!"

C’est ce que j’ai écrit, quand on m’a demandé de dire pourquoi j’étais féministe. J’ai tenté d’inclure mes garçons dans cette citation, mais mon papier était trop petit. Je le fais donc ici.

Il est aussi important, sinon plus, que les garçons et les hommes soient inclus dans le féminisme. Même si des fois on se fait des discussions non-mixtes parce que c’est nécessaire. Sans les hommes, les garçons, il est impossible que le féminisme finisse par aboutir. Sans leur participation active à la réflexion et…

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How Guy McPherson gets it wrong


Yes Earth is in danger. But spreadint despair is not useful.

Originally posted on Fractal Planet:

Recently, a few Ars Technica commenters have been posting references to the work of Guy McPherson on climate articles. McPherson is a retired professor of ecology at the University of Arizona, and he runs a blog called Nature Bats Last. In recent years, he has turned his energies to dire warnings of impending climate catastrophe. Those warnings go far beyond what you’ll find anywhere else: McPherson believes humans will go extinct in as little as two decades.

Now, lots of people run blogs that make wild claims, so why am I spending time on this one? McPherson claims to simply be passing along scientific data to the public— data that most scientists are unwilling to talk about and governments are trying to keep secret. As a result, his followers (I mean to use that term more in the Twitter sense than a religious one) seem confident that they have…

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